Pak Tavuk has a 60 ton/ hr feed mill located in Sakarya, Turkey.

Poultry and ruminant feed is produced by using maize, wheat, byproducts and oil. Animal protein based raw materials are not used.

20.000 tons of corn is dried during harvesting season at our drying machines and then stored in our silos.

Storage capacity of galvanized silos is 28.000 tons.

Storage capacity of vertical concrete warehouse is 8.000 tons.

Temperature and humidity of raw material warehouses are logged to ensure proper storage conditions.

State of the art software is used to run the feed mill.

Incoming raw materials and produced feed are checked at our labratory for maintaining quality.


Unconditional User Satisfaction in Farms; Targeting the integrity, quality and service continuity, to meet the demands coming from farms on time, to use quality raw materials and to make production under 100% safe, healthy and hygienic conditions as required by our sector, to apply Feed Safety Standards, to prioritize environmental health by training our employees on hygiene and sanitation, quality Our company's Feed Safety Policy is to present at the highest level, to continuously improve the requirements of the Feed Safety Management System, to not compromise on quality under any circumstances, to comply with the legal conditions and regulations.